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That Sinister Teenage Spider Demon by victorialampini
That Sinister Teenage Spider Demon
I decided to post this to go with the story about Spaido. For some reason Spaido is just very fun to draw. 

Maybe because his appearance is so unusual and wild. 

I don't know.
Hello humans. My name is Spaido Ninjato. I am a spider demon that lives in the Fright Realm. I enjoy pulling pranks, eating flesh,
setting web traps, doing par core, and listening to nu metal music. I'm a huge fan of Rammstein, and because of that I know how to speak a
little German. I also love to cause mayhem and trouble for my friends. I love getting in the way of their business.

I could be described as wild, rough, sinister, and weird. Strangely enough, I take being called weird and sinister as a compliment. Heheheheheh.

You probably don't know everything about my backstory yet. I'll tell you everything.

I have no idea who my parents are because my egg was laid in the middle of the Whistling Black Woods. I had twelve siblings. Five sisters
and seven brothers. I was the fifth oldest, by mere minutes. We had nobody to take care of us. We had to rely on our insticts alone to
survive. Unfortunately, when you are a person demon, it is best to have a parent guide you in your development. None of us had that.

We had to kill creatures that were weaker than us and eat them. We had to search desperately to find water, no matter how tainted it was.
For about three months, we were doing well, but it wasn't enough. One by one my brothers and sisters started dying. From infection,
injury, exaustion, or starvation. I watched them draw their last breath. Every single one of them, until I was the only one left.

I had been surviving in the wild with my siblings for three years. I was on my own for four years. Remember, though: supernatural beings like
me age slower than humans, so even though I existed for seven years, I still had the body and mind of a 1 and a half year old child.
However, with no guidance from a parent or any demon person, I was slowly becoming feral. If it hadn't been for what happened next, I could
very well have become a complete animal of a demon.

One day, I heard something I had never heard before. It turns out, they were voices. I was intrigued by this, and I followed the strange noises.
I ended up leaving the brush of trees and found myself in an open area. There was a strange contraption surrounded by a soft looking ground. Turns out,
it was a playground. I also saw creatures that were the same shape as me, only bigger. I approached them, but when they saw me, they
screamed, "Spider! Spider! Spider demon! Spider demon!" and they ran away. I was confused. I didn't know what just happened.

Just then, I smelled an unbelievable scent. It was so delicious, so irresistable. I had to follow it. I ventured further in the open land, and
saw these strange buildings made of wood with peculiar patterns on them. I hid inside a nearby bush, and saw a bald creature wearing a
long, orange outfit, holding something over a hot energy. He was cooking meat in a pan.

I rushed over, but I tripped over crack in the tile. The strange creature came over, and I saw it had three eyes. He then said,
"What is your name, young one?" Now back then, I wasn't able to understand language. However, remembering what the other creatures screamed
earlier, I attempted to say "spider." However, because I was so young and inexperienced with words, I ended up saying,


Then the kind creature gave me some of the uncooked meat next to him. It turns out the creature was a demon monk living at a temple with
his brothers, so to speak, and his family. I've never been treated in such a way before. Before every creatrue I ever met either wanted to
kill me or ran away from me in terror. When the monk walked away I followed him. I saw him talking with other creatures that looked just
like him. One then approached me and said, "Come little one. Your teaching shall now begin."

From that day on, the monks raised me, and taught me everything I needed to know on how to be a person. They taught me how to talk, how to
read, how to walk, common sense, and all kinds of things I needed to know about life. The monks grew so attatched to me they even gave me a last name.
They gave me the last name of their most respected rival, Kinto Ninjato.

However, the monks could not stop my sinister and wild nature. As I grew older my appetite for mischeif and trouble became quite bothersome for them.
Eventually, they decided it was time for me to leave their home and venture out on my own. They set me off with a smile, and I gave them a
smile too. I am trully gratefull for what they had done for me, but I knew I would be happier on my own. It was then that I started teaching
myself how to master my silk. I crafted all kinds of traps and prey capturing techniques. One day, I came across a very deep hole near the
Perplexing Pond. I decided to explore it. I saw it was home to many bugs and creatures from the undergrowth. When I reached the bottom,
I found a large, massive corridor that had a high ceiling and large, strong walls. There were also small holes in the roof where light was able to
come out of.

It was just such a beautiful place, I decided to make it my home. I used my silk and material from the pond's woods and the cave to
craft furniture and appliances similar to the ones at the monk's home. It felt like I had everything I could possibly need. However, I was about to meet
someone who would bring a great deal of excitement to my life.

I wandered near the Whipstar Achademy campus. I saw a female spider demon tying up bullies and taunting them seductively. Her sinister nature and
ability to intimidate was quite arousing to me. She walked away and I saw she started acting strangely. She had a strange, drunken smile on her face, and
was slowly walking right towards me. Heheh. I knew what was going on. She found my scent irresistable. Quickly, I set up a dinopiss style
spider trap. I hung in the tree arms out waited for her to appear under me. Once she did, I snapped down, caught her in the web, and said,
"Hello sweetie. Are you following me?"

She didn't say anything. She started blushing and looked too nervous to talk. It was clear to me now. She found me very intimidating.
To us supernaturals, an intimidating presence, behavior, and personality is considered very attractive. I found it surprising that I was so
easily able to intimidate a fierce, seductive spider demon like this. I asked her what her name was. She said Aracia. I told her I was happy
I caught her in my web, and I would really like to do it again soon. After that, I let her go, and she ran away.

I knew at that moment, I was in love.

Over the next few months I stalked her. Followed her around a little, trapped her in more webs, and sent her greeting cards.

Now let me get something straight: To us supernaturals, certain types of stalking behaviors are seen as flattering. As long as the stalker does not
threaten us with violence, or physically or emotionaly hurt us, it is seen as good natured. Don't get the wrong idea sick humans out there!
For you humans, stalking is disgusting through and through, so don't do it, or I'll track you down and devour you alive!

She finally gave into me after the fourth month, and confessed she felt the same way I did about her. That was the moment out passionate
relationship began.

After that, I hung out more at Whipstar Achademy and even started taking classes there. I didn't really need anything since I knew how to live off
the wild, but I still wanted to get some modern essential things for my life, so I went to school to learn new skills, get jobs, and make
money to buy cool things I could never find in the wild.

Heheh. Well, that's pretty much my story. Hope you little living creatures enjoyed it. Now I've got to get out of here before the goddess
discovers I stole her

That Spaido! Stole my freaking laptop! Oh well. I'm totally posting this on MY internet account now!


Spaido's story
Here is Spaido's story being told by Spaido. A little bit of his story that wasn't mentioned in her original drawing is here.

Please enjoy!


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Dark Pit!

Because he's so cool!

I don't care if he's a clone of Pit! He's my favorite Kid Icarus character!

"If I was a copy, why would I kick my own butt?"

Just had to make an OC pairing for him.

And because I made one for him, I made one for Pit to be fair!

Badass angels! Kid Icarus! 

Break the freaking fourth wall! -------|"-----|"------|"------|"------->



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