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Victoria, Beauty and Love by victorialampini
Victoria, Beauty and Love
I just felt like drawing her. I love the way it came out. 

Victoria. The goddess of beauty and love. 

Star of my original anime, Angels. 

Please comment!
Amando the god of time by victorialampini
Amando the god of time
Calm, cool, funny, and kind. However, very cocky, brags often, and a tiny bit mischievous. Amando is the god of time, and also Ken's half brother, on his mother's side. 

Amando is five years older than Ken. He was a real inspiration for a young Ken. Amando used his powers over time to secretly assist him and Victoria while Victoria was unaware that she was a goddess. Being rather humorous, Amando found many hilarious ways to get his brother and Victoria out of tough situations. Mostly out of kindness and enjoyment. However, he overused his powers, and was spotted by Malail. She and Amando fought for two days, but Amando lost, and in the process was sealed inside the angel barrier in a way that nobody can see or hear him. He later discovered that an act of true courage would have the power to free him from the prison. For the time being, he hid inside his brother's shadow, waited patiently for his brother or anyone around him to perform an act of courage strong enough to release the interlock O lock. 

Amando spent over ten years locked in an interlock O locked area of the angel barrier. An imprisonment caused by losing to Malail. Only an act of true courage had the power to release the powerful interlock O lock. For ten years, Amando hid in his younger brother's shadow, waiting patiently for him to perform an act of true courage to free him from the locked area of the angel barrier. Finally after all the time he waited, Ken faced the dangers of his elemental weakness, water, and saved Victoria. That was just enough to loosen the interlock O lock. 

Finally, after Ken defended Rowl from a dangerous attack, Amando managed to break free form the lock, and emerged from his brother's shadow, defeating Eva and Duncan. Ken was thrilled to see his brother again. 

Amando helped all the gods of good throughout the anime. One of his greatest moments was trapping Sakyo in an interlock O lock of pain, which made Sakyo experience pain nonstop, until an act of true love would free him. Christina eventually saved him. 

Amando also helped many gods and goddesses in battle with his time out attack, stopping time for thirty seconds to assist his allies. Unfortunately, he also used this technique to cause mischief, and get out of losing games with his friends. 

Amando's overconfidence eventually caught up to him in a battle pitting him, Ken, and Rowl against Lacey, the goddess of despair, and Lola, the goddess of greed and wealth. He overused his power to control time, and accidentally locked himself in time for half an hour. Even though Ken and Rowl defeated the two evil goddesses, Amando was angry because he felt he had lost the battle. 

Despite his overconfidence and childish hatred towards losing and tendency to brag, Amando is very kind towards his friends and would never intentionally do anything to hurt them. However, Rowl seems to be a big exception for this. Amando hates Rowl's selfish, uncaring personality, and tries to put him in his place when he's mean to anyone. However, since Rowl possesses the power of his elemental weakness, wind, Rowl is not an easy force to discipline. 

Amando's elemental powers are time, psychokinesis, and electricity. Though he rarely uses electricity, he uses his psychic powers all the time, even in everyday life. Ken even told him he believed Amando couldn't go a single day without using his psychic powers. Amando doesn't desire to prove him otherwise. 

Amando is Italian, but doesn't speak in an accent. However, he does say Italian sayings like, Mama Mia. 

There's also some rumors that Amando's favorite person is Mario, from Nintendo. 

Amando is 22 years old and is about 5'10. 

Please comment!
Battle Wars. Types of fighters.

Flippers. Usually rely on speed and strength, but also percision. The flippers usually aim for their opponent's weak points, which they are usually easily
able to find and exploit. However, the stronger the flipper, the more they rely on brute force.

Vlad, Toro, and T-minus are flippers.

Lifters. Lifters are best at defense and dodging. Their attacks are usually very effective without much force. Usually they have a special attack through
contact with skin.

Biohazard and Completel Control are lifters.

Spinners. Spinners are best at fast physical attacks. Spinners are best at attacking horizontally. Roundhouse kicks, sideways swipes, lariat attacks,
any attack at a straight, 90 degree angle. These attacks can blow enemies back great distances and cause major damage.
Nightmare and Backlash, however, are a special type of spinner. Their attacks are most powerful vertical.
Spinners may be powerful, but sometimes that could be a problem. If a spinner hits too hard, or is hit a certain way, they can hurt themselves as bad as
they can hurt others. Ziggo is the only spinner that really does spin 360 degrees, very fast, constantly, to attack.

Hazard, Final Destiny, Whyachi, Ziggo, Nightmare, and Backlash are all spinners. Ironically, Ziggo and Hazard, the two youngest and smallest spinners,
are the strongest.

Slice and Dicers: Slice and Dicers are usually most powerful with weapons like guns and knives. Slice and Dicers rarely go into battle without using
a weapon. This can give them good advantages in battle.

El Diablo, Anklebiter, Minion, and Overkill are slice and dicers.

Piercers: A Piercers' most powerful attack is a stabbing and/or crushing force. Strangling, karate chops, sharp body parts, throws, and shots aimed at
organs, are commonly used by piercers.  

Razer, Grednel, World Peace, Jawbreaker, Frenzy, and Killerhurtz are piercers.

Special: No categories for these fighters.

Diesector believes battle is not just blunt force trauma, it is also outsmarting your enemies. Before each planned battle, Diesector plans out a strategy
be thinks is best for defeating the opponent. It's his ability to plan and strategize that makes him a strong fighter.

Mechadon's body is able to produce an unimaginable variety of mechanical weapons. However, his enjoyment of battle and violence makes him a mighty
psychological force to be reckoned with. Also, his strange way of maneuvering during battles can confuse enemies that don't know the capabilities of his

These are the main categories of fighters in Battle Wars.

Sound familiar Battlebots fans??
Battle Wars: Types of Fighters
Main categories of fighters for my characters based off of Battlebots. 

Look good to you, fans?

Hope so.


victorialampini's Profile Picture
Victoria Lampini
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm happy all the time, love nothing more than being with my friends, and am waiting to find love again. My dream is to make all my original animes real one day. With help and inspiration from my friends and my favorite animes, I hope and pray I'll be able to.
Spring Break starts for me today! Drawings,, C++ practice, video games, anime, and 




Death Note is my current anime right now. I have my own Death Note, but mine is different from others.

I write my own personal feelings, hopes, and dreams in my Death Note. Not names of people I want dead. 

Sigh. Ryuzaki. I love how so many people love him,
even though someone like him in real life would be,

well, you know. 

I admit it! I have completely fallen for his unusual charm. 
I call him Ryuzaki because it sounds much better than L. 

And Light.

Heehee! I both love and hate him. 

Mostly hate him. (Well, not really hate, I mean)

I liked him best when he was working for Ryuzaki during the Yotsuba incident. 

I especially hate him for killing Ryuzaki. 

I do have to admit, though. 

I am glad that in the anime he had a peaceful death. 

When it comes to Death Note, I tend to focus on my own, imaginary version of it. 

Ryuzaki, as a fellow person with aspergers, 

I say

U R awesome


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