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Kid Icarus OCs by victorialampini
Kid Icarus OCs
Made in --->…

These are my Kid Icarus OCs. If I remain in this mood for a while, I might draw them with the original characters.

Sylita is the Aurum goddess. She was absorbed by the Aurum during their attack on Earth. When they left, Pyrron found her. However, the Aurum still had control over him and forced him to attack her. Pyrron managed to escape before he could. Then the Aurum attempted to control Sylita. However, Sylita's will and innocent nature was too complex for the Aurum to understand. The Aurum brain went into overdrive and crashed. After that, all of the Aurum's powers were sealed into Sylita, transforming her into a space angel. She decided to use her new powers to travel back to Earth. 

Once back, the humans took an instant disliking to her for her creature-like appearance. Aurum troops stepped in whenever she was threatened or attacked, showing that the Aurum saw her as their goddess. 

During one of his many treasure hunts, Pit encountered Sylita being bullied by some ruffians. When he saw the Aurum troops, he assumed they were going to attack everyone, so he defeated them, then told the ruffians to back off. Pit was surprised when Sylita was sad he had destroyed the Aurum troops. 

She and Pit then talked, and she revealed how she got her powers, and Pit was jealous of the fact that she could fly without wings. During the battle against the Kaiser Chaos Kin, Sylita commanded the Aurum to help Pit in the battle. In the process, he shielded her from an attack, and was badly hurt. Palutena healed him, and Sylita said he was very noble to commit such a selfless act. 

Palutena recognized Sylita's kindness and offered her to live in Skyworld. Sylita happily agreed. Over time, Sylita and Pit became very close, and they eventually fell in love. However, three destructive underlings of Medusa, Sono, Samur, and Serpus, tried to kidnap Sylita to take control of the Aurum to destroy the world. With help from Viridi and Valentine, (the goddess of love), they protected Sylita. Pit and Sylita went on many other dangerous, yet fun adventures. 

Nestelle is half human, half reaper. Because of this, she is greatly mistreated by other humans. Everyone expect for Magnus. Magnus took care of Nestelle when she was a child, before she left once she learned how to fend for herself. Nestelle is a bounty hunter that kills demons and humans alike. One day, however, she gets a request from a mysterious woman with long blue hair to eliminate an angel named Dark Pit. 

Once Nestelle found Dark Pit, she tried to sneak up on his and cut his head off, but she was surprised when he immediately turned his head and drew his weapon. A feeling of warmth and a strange sensation crept over Nestelle's body as she gazed upon the dark angel. Dark Pit then asked if she wanted to battle. Nestelle at first didn't answer. Then she snapped to her senses and told him yes. However, Dark Pit proved to be far too strong for her. When Dark Pit made her lose her weapon, he got close to her and started taunting her seductively. Nestelle didn't know why, but it felt so good being so close to him. She was about to give into him when she stepped back in tears. She then revealed her full, reaper form, and attempted to slay him once again. However, Dark Pit refused to attack, and as he expected, she couldn't bring herself to attack him. She turned back to her human form, and Dark pit gently took her arm and led her to his favorite spot: the underground temple ruins where he first fought Pit. 

He and Netselle talked for hours, learning almost everything about each other. Dark Pit said he felt sorry for her suffering through all that discrimination. He decided to reveal to her his favorite non-battle past time, which was playing the bouzouki. Nestelle was amazed by his talent with the small stringed instrument. She couldn't help but smile, for the first time in a long, long time. 

Before they left, she asked if she could see him again sometime. Dark Pit said he'll be back at the ruins every Weekend before sunset if she wanted to see him. 

Nestelle soon realized that she had fallen in love with Dark Pit at first sight. Little did she know that Dark Pit was also, slowly but surely, developing the same feelings for her. The two eventually confess their feelings for each other after the battle with the Xenobeast. Since then, they have been living together in a house in the ruins granted to them by Palutena. They travel to That First Town regularly to aid humans in danger or destroy underworld monsters. 
Heavy Metal 101 is an idea for a videogame. New ideas!

The story starts off with the arrival of the Formulas. The formulas are three types of liquid or gassous materials that can cause humans and animals
to mutate and obtain powers based on their DNA. The three types of formulas are FXell, Fvio, and Secret. The FXell formula gives a person powers with
no ill side effects. The Fvio formula not only gives a person powers, but also drives them to complete, animalistic insanity. The Secret Formula allows the
creator of the formula to control those infected with it. I'll go into more detail about that later.

People become infected by the formula in a number of ways. They can ingest it, inhale the fumes, or inject it in the bloodstream. Blood tranfusions,
rogue medical workers, experiments, disposed material, even garbage. These things are common links to being infected with the formula.

Anyone who is infected with the formula is considered an outcast. Because of this, those infected usually keep their powers a secret, unless they are
unable to, like if they are infected with the Fvio formula.

The story revolves around a group of college students that have been infected with the FXell formula. As a result, they have obtained different powers
based on their DNA. Six of the students have formed a group of solitude that is intent on survival and finding a cure for the formula. With the world
around them abusing them and treating them like outcasts, they have become a team in the battle for life.

They are called, Heavy Metal 101.

The memebers of Heavy Metal 101 travel and research to find the cure for the formula. They go to many places like cities, forests, deserts, and
secret, abandoned hideouts to search for items they believe will help produce the cure for the formula, known as, Antidote F. However, it is very
difficult for them because they are being hunted down by a secret organization that is supportive of the formula known as Paragon. Paragon seeks to
destroy anyone and anything that endangers the formula. It is unknown what they plan to do with it, but what is known is they are following the
orders of their leader.

The members of Heavy Metal 101 are:

Nathan and Kaiser Denver

Marcus Wilkins

Carter Wolfgang

Vianca Dimitra

and Josh Parker.

Their friends and comrads from their college are,


Carly Jones

Dana Quin

Kevin Mason

Johnathan James


Ben Oliver

Nathan and Kaiser are twins, so they have the same powers, but different varieties of them.

Their powers are, Electricity manipulation and mimicry, iron mimicry, and magnetic manipulation.

While Nathan's attacks and abilities are strong, they are a lot slower than Kaiser's. Also, Kaiser's magnetic manipulation is stronger than Nathan's, and he is able to
travel on walls if there is metal behind them, and not just if they're made of metal. Nathan also is easier to control when he becomes electricity.

Basically, Nathan is more of a power character than Kaiser, but they are both classified as skill characters.

Carter's powers are shapeshifting, regeneration, and healing.

Because Carter is able to transform into many powerful beasts, he is the strongest fighter. This means he is usually pitted against the strongest opponents.
His regeneration abilities are also so strong, that he can regenerate even after being blown to pieces. It takes a long time, but he is able to. His healing abilities
have saved his teamate's lives more than once.

Carter is an all out power character and needs little skill to play as. However, he always goes against very powerful enemies, so be prepared.

Marcus Wilkins is the leader of Heavy Metal 101 because he is the most mature and well organized. His powers are pyrokinesis, super strength, and breif invulnerability.
He is also skilled in martial arts.

Marcus is best suited for combat, however, his super strength is essential is many missions in non combat situations.

Vianca Dimitra is the only female of Heavy Metal 101. Her powers are 1,000 lbs psychokinesis, water mimicry, and invisibility. She also carries two hand guns and
a pair of brass knuckles, which she keeps on her belt.

Vianca is a good distance fighter, but weak in close combat. It's best to keep enemies at a distance when playing as her. Also, he psychokinetic powers are invaluable
in many missions.

Josh Parker is the scientist of the group. His powers are technology manipulation, 10 lbs telekinesis, and super calculations, knowledge, and memory.
Even though he can't fight, Joshua is vital to the group as he is the only one with the knowledge needed to develop Antidote F. He also makes many gadgets and
tools that the group uses on their missions.

In gameplay, you are able to recieve items that will make your gameplay easier, or help you earn more rewards. One way to do this is to obtain emblems. Emblems contain
many powers and abilities that you can equip to players. The more enemies you defeat, the more emblems you can equip on a player.

Here are some examples of emblems and their effects:

Natural Healer: regenerates health slowly over time, but decreases attack slightly.

Halo training: greatly increases projectile defense, but decreases overall health.

Bulllet-proof vest: decreases speed, but makes you invlunerable to bullets. (80% successful)

brass knuckles: increases melee attack slightly.

Tool Fan: Increases attack and defense and slightly regenerates health when a song from Tool is playing.

Rammstein Fan: Greatly boosts attack when a song from Rammstein is playing.

Master Controler: Makes powers more easily controlable.

Send in the Clowns: Increases the amount of enemies, but decreases their power.

20% Avanger: Makes a 20% chance of damaging direct attackers.

Juggernaut Jeans: Boosts attack and speed, but greatly decreases melee defense.

Lucky 7s: increases the likelyhood of opponents to miss every seven seconds.

666: Whenever a six is displayed on the time clock, heals you slightly.

As for the gameplay itself, it is a basic 3D fighter vs many enemies gameplay. It takes strategy because some enemies can only be defeated certain ways. Health is displayed
with numbers rather than a health bar. An average fighter has about 120 HP. Attack and defense is also calculated by numbers.

Base stats for each player:

Nathan: HP: 125, Atk: 15, Datk (Distance attack): 10, Def: 8, Ddef: 10, Spd: 10

Kaiser: HP: 125, Atk: 10, Datk: 12, Def: 10, Ddef: 8, Spd: 13

Carter: Carter's stats vary depending on what he transforms into. Here are the average stats out of all his transformations:

HP: 180, Atk: 20, Datk: 15, Def: 13, Ddef: 12, Spd: 16


HP: 150, Atk: 15, Datk: 15, Def: 5, Ddef: 5, Spd: 10


HP: 110, Atk: 8, Datk: 15, Def: 8, Ddef: 10, Spd: 12


Josh doesn't usually need to fight against anyone, so his stats are defense based.

HP: 100, Atk: 5, Datk: 5, Def: 15, Ddef: 13, Spd: 10

Here are some of the weapons used:

Desert Eagle 50 (gun)

Bowie Knife (Knife)

Baseball bat (club)

Pocket Knife (Knife)

Semi-Auto (Gun)

Machete (knife)

Sledgehammer (Club)

Mini Grenades (Explosive)

Fireworks firearm (Explosive)

Knuckle blades (Knife)

Golden Gatling (Gun)

While going through the story, each time you complete a mission, you go through a story phase, where you see parts of the story take place.
Sometimes you are given the option to pick a response for a character, but these choices have little rewards or consequenses. All they really do is choose
how the characters react in certain situations. Still, it provides a little freedom when choosing an optional outcome.

Each path you choose in the story effects how the story progresses. During each mission, you have five options to choose from. They
are difficulty levels you can choose. Depending the difficulty you clear the level on, the next stages may change. There are a total
of five final outcomes for each story. Each one has a difficulty equal to the average difficulty in levels you have cleared. The higher
the difficulty, the more advanced the prizes are.

You can earn Emblems, Music, Weapons, stat increases, and record achievements.

In multiplayer mode, you can compete against your friends and rivals in a battle royale or a fight to complete a mission. Pick your favorite
character and battle or race to complete the mission. When playing in multiplayer mode, your characters can't gain stats, but they can
earn emblems and record achievements.

I think I fit enough in this explanation.

I'll explain more once I upload characters from the game.
Heavy Metal 101 game description
A reupload of this makes me happy! I really want to show the mentor my idea. 

Please comment!
I can't believe how well I'm doing playing against people in Super Smash Bros 3DS!

I've battled so many people at my college! It's been so much fun!

My favorite character is Dark Pit!

He's totally badass! 

Feeling confident in my classes! 

This is so great! Now if I could just get more motivated to do drawings!


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I'm happy all the time, love nothing more than being with my friends, and am waiting to find love again. My dream is to make all my original animes real one day. With help and inspiration from my friends and my favorite animes, I hope and pray I'll be able to.
I can't believe how well I'm doing playing against people in Super Smash Bros 3DS!

I've battled so many people at my college! It's been so much fun!

My favorite character is Dark Pit!

He's totally badass! 

Feeling confident in my classes! 

This is so great! Now if I could just get more motivated to do drawings!


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