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The new Biohazard by victorialampini
The new Biohazard
A new design for Biohazard, the final villain of my anime, Vlad the Impaler. 

Based off of the Battlebots!

Still as psychotically calm and sadistic as ever, except now he's a redhead. 

That biohazard logo on his hand, which is on both his hands, is able to brand people with the logo, making them experience pain of being constantly branded with red hot iron. The only way to cure it is to slice off the logo, skin and all. 

Biohazard used to be just a 19 year old boy addicted to heroin. He was brought to a hospital when he overdosed for the fourth time. When he woke up, it wasn't long before his urges came back. He frantically searched the hospital for drugs. He then came across a syringe filled with a bubbling, neon green fluid. At that point he was so desperate, he decided to inject the suspicious material inside his veins. 

The green fluid was highly unstable nevon cells, which not only mutated him, granting him frightening powers, but also corrupted his already troubled mind, filling it with hatred, evil, and psychotic desires. 

Now feeling an unquenchable lust to not only kill, but inflict pain, he wreaked havoc in the hospital and attacked, infecting people with the burning mark every time he touched someone's skin with his palm. 

Actually, this happened even before the Painkillers were defeated. That is why Diesector, Final Destiny, and Overkill's bodies went missing. Biohazard had absorbed their body's cells, including the nevon cells, leaving nothing but a pile of clothes and a few tufts of hair. 

Seeking to obtain more drugs, Biohazard robbed and killed drug dealers from all over the city. 

He also infected people with his painful virus, watching them suffer until they die an hour later. Always watching from a distance. 

He committed many horrible crimes. Vlad was unable to beat him because he couldn't take the pain of Biohazard's virus. 

However, Dr. Inferno Jr, along with Razer and his gang, created a machine that would help Vlad build an immunity to Biohazard's virus. 
The process was unbearably painful, but Vlad managed to build up a strong immunity. 

Now ready to battle Biohazard, Vlad prepared for battle on the blue building, while Biohazard began on the red building. 

Biohazard charged at Vlad first, but Vlad, like he has many times before, waited for his opponent to come first, ready to strike. At the end of the battle, Vlad impaled Biohazard so hard, he drove his arm right through his chest, killing him instantly. Instead of just going limp and dying, Biohazard's body sizzled like baking soda and vinegar, and completely melted, then evaporated into the air. 

Biohazard is always calm no matter what the scenario. Almost showing no emotion other than the angry look on his face. He also hardly ever speaks, but he commonly quietly mumbles his thoughts when he's alone. He enjoys watching people suffer and die, preferring to watch from what he believes is a good, safe distance. He's also highly addicted to not only drugs, but nevon cells. He sometimes breaks into testing facilities to rob them of experimental nevon cells. 

You know what! I just realized! This is the first time I drew a male character wearing shorts! 

I like this because in this case, Biohazard doesn't look like an evil, bloodthirsty villain. The way he dresses, you'd expect him to be an ordinary person. Then again, I have other characters like that. I just never drew them in shorts. 

Biohazard's true name is Baston Bates. He is 19 years old and only about 5'8, making him quite short compared to other villains in this anime. 
Orte the barn owl by victorialampini
Orte the barn owl
A servant of the hybrid king, Morphalk, but truthfully only has loyalty to the Chimera. 

Orte sold his life to the Chimera 700 years ago to be gifted with eternal life. He spent most of those years serving the Chimera, killing rats and cats, making art with the blood of his victims, and spying on the animal kingdoms. 

When the Chimera was defeated, Orte managed to retain his immortality by eating part of the Chimera's flesh. He spent the next 700 years searching for a way to revive his master. 

He later formed an alliance with the canines, secretly seeking to steal the DNA of the legendary cats, which were potentially needed to revive the Chimera. 

This turned out to be a futile effort because the he was no match for the cats, even when they were weakened from battle. 

He then decided to form an alliance with the hybrids. He soon found out the hybrids wanted to revive the Chimera as well. However, the hybrids did not know what the Chimera truly was. 

Finally, when Shadow, Cylfar, and Wolfcaust surrendered their bodies to the Chimera's sealed soul, the Chimera managed to create a new body from theirs'.

Orte honorably returned to being the Chimera's servant. With the help of his dark magic, he trapped and froze the legendary cats in amber.

It wasn't until 7 years passed that the legendary foxes reversed the power and freed the cats by switching with them, freezing themselves. 

The Chimera then granted Orte a great amount of power to defeat the legendary cats one by one. 

However, his task proved to be much harder since he ended up fighting all of them at once. With his new, giant size, he is much harder to defeat. Once you defeat him, his immortality vanishes, and he slowly turns into ash. 

Orte's element is violet poison, the most potent kind. He produces it in his beak and feathers. His attacks are physical. His bronze talon gloves are a highly dangerous weapon. 

He is cold, cruel, and doesn't care about other creatures. 

Funny thing. It is unknown where he got the scar on his eye. 



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Victoria Lampini
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I'm happy all the time, love nothing more than being with my friends, and am waiting to find love again. My dream is to make all my original animes real one day. With help and inspiration from my friends and my favorite animes, I hope and pray I'll be able to.
I'm really bored. 

Watching all these episodes of World's Wildest Police Videos, Most Shocking, World's Dumbest, and Hardcore Pawn isn't entertaining me enough. 

Makes me wish some of my favorite friends still went to my campus. 


Hoping to make more drawings and animations. 

Working on a game starring the loungers. 

Hope I'll get it done soon!


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